Gage Dirt Works

Land Clearing / Yard Leveling / Grading

Land Clearing:

We provide land clearing services to professionally remove trees, stump removal, rock and boulder removal, brush and pretty much anything in the way of you getting full use your property.

Yard Leveling:

If your yard is uneven with depressions and raised areas, GAGE Dirt Works will smooth it out for you to better enjoy the space. An added benefit is preventing water pooling and cutting down on muddy spots.

We can also add the proper drainage to help prevent standing water, which leads to dead grass and constant mud and often mosquitos. We’ll do what it takes to bring your yard back under your control.


Grading includes: Altering the surface or subsurface of land by excavation or filling.

Grading is typically done to prevent large areas of standing water in your yard, water in your basement or can be done to simply alter your yard to something you would like.

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