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Yard Installation / Hydroseeding

Yard Installation:

Yard Installation starts with the prep work! We start with a power rake which is a rotating drum with hardened teeth that cuts through and removes the existing grass/weeds or lack thereof, removes all rocks and smooths out any small inconsistencies on the surface. At this point we will have a clean slate to start with and can now bring in Loam (topsoil) to top dress the prepped surface. Adding the known good farm quality Loam will help ensure your grass will establish quickly and really get a solid roots system established. Once we spread the Loam we will power rake and get it fully prepped for Seeding.

GAGE Dirt Works will help assess your options and install a yard you can be proud of. We handle all yard preparation and loam installation, along with addressing any drainage concerns.


What is Hydroseeding? Hydroseeding is the application of seed and mulch which is often used as erosion control and an effective alternative to the traditional method of planting dry seed.

Hydroseeding is better than hand seeding as all components are applied at the same time. It is much quicker and provides excellent erosion control and is preferable on landscapes with a steep slope.

There are many benefits as grass germinates much quicker with hydroseeding since it is applied with fertilizer and will retain a higher volume of moisture. It is much faster, provides greater and more consistent coverage and you have the best chance to grow a lush yard.

Give your existing lawn a makeover or create a brand new beautiful lawn with GAGE Dirtworks.

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