Gage Dirt Works

Snow Plowing & Ice Management

25+ years experience snow plowing. We provide contracted and non contracted commercial and residential snow plowing. We provided applications of salt and sand. We can also provide snow removal from property.

Contracted snow plowing. This is a set price per month for plowing and/or salting. The contract starts in November and goes through February. This typically works out to be less per snowstorm than if you pay per storm. Payments are due the first of each month (discount applies if 4 months paid in full by November 1st).

Non contracted snow plowing. This is a pay per storm price. The snowfall amount is as follows..

2”-6” Set price

7”-12” 2x Set price

13”-16” 2.5x Set price.

17”+ TBD..

Call us for a free quote: 203-592-9221.

HIC license: #0668730